I am Ákos, a 39 years old guy and I was living in Budapest, Hungary before my landing in Canada. I have a BA degree in economics and I acquired a further education degree in law. In Hungary I had been working for the same multinational financial provider for 16 years.

I have been living with my wife (Timka) for the last 10 years. She has a degree in economics and in 2015 she acquired an MA degree in psychology as well. She was working for the same company where I worked. In 2011 she stopped being employed and we started our own business. Before our landing in Canada she had been responsible for managing our own yoga and fitness studio for 6 years but eventually we sold this business due to our plans. I really appreciate the optimism, the energy and the consciousness of my wife and I am proud that we are strong allies to each other.

Most importantly we have a wonderful son (Márk) who was born in December 2013. He is the most important reason why we started thinking about moving to another country.